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Sewage Treatment Process

Waste Water Treatment Process

Industrial Sewage Water is  allowing to public main sewers lines or connecting to river or Sea. Before allowing these it should be acceptable by environment department as they having some Range parameters. so sewage water is essential  for certain waste water treatment to keep the world health organization WHO and local health department acceptable  range.

Each Factories having separate sewage treatment plant to remove excess unwanted contamination in sewage waters. So they have to allot some special wide area to install sewage treatment plants.


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  1. Fedor Tremba says:

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is Fedor Tremba and I represent the construction company ZAO “ISK Novoe Stroitelstvo”. We are construction company situated in Russia. Currently we are looking to buy the water treatment equipment for our construction project.
    The expression of requirements is quite vast and we are in need of multiple items as listed below:

    1. Rotary screen
    2. (Bio-) Compactor
    3. Screw water eliminator
    4. Feed pump to dewatering
    5. Discharge pump
    6. Drainage pump
    7. Air blast
    8. Aerators
    9. Dosing pump for sodium hypochlorite
    10. Sewage water pump
    11. Sand trap
    12. Agitator of anaerobic reactor
    13. Agitator of anoxic reactor
    14. Return sludge pump
    15. Agitator of contact tank
    16. UV lamp

    Please advise, what items do you have available, so we can talk in detail about the item’s technical specifications?
    We are also interested in approximate price, if you can specify your targeted price range, it will be much easier for us to understand if your price meets our expectations.

    Looking forward to hear from your company.

    Best Regards,
    Fedor Tremba
    Procurement Department
    ZAO “ISK Novoe Stroitelstvo”

  2. MCCUISTION says:

    Our self-dumping hopper container filter (sludge dewatering box) is an economical, one particular-step approach of separating slurries, sludges, and waste stream.

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