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Waste Water Treatment Process

Waste Water Treatment

  1. Primary Waste Water Treatment
  2. Secondary Waste Water Treatment
  3. Tertiary Waste Water Treatment


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  1. Charless says:

    very huge explanation of sewage treatment. Thanks

  2. Mckenney says:

    how Waste water disposed in healthy way in river or sea. Pls give mail me for referance of my final semester exam.

  3. Flete says:

    This is very interesting article! Great information.

  4. jenifer says:

    Pls furnish with some water treatment process drawing in feature coming post.

  5. Carlita Allan says:

    Useful information in water treatment Process

  6. yashodhara says:

    great info but i need a little more simplified

  7. amy says:


    I would like to ask permission to use the diagram on “Wastewater Treatment Process.” I am currently working with a professor on creating and editing a public health textbook. For the chapter on environmental health, I have been searching for a diagram that clearly illustrates the levels of wastewater treatment. The diagram on your website is the best one I have come across and I’d like to include it in the textbook (with proper citations of course.) Is there someone in particular I should e-mail?

    Thank You,

  8. Donna says:

    Like Amy, I would like to ask permission to use the Wastewater Treatment Process diagram in the water quality management program curriculum at our college. Is there a contact person to whom I can present this request? Thank you!


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